About Us

84 interior creative team loves innovation, collaboration and creativity.

Founded in 2019, Eight Four Design and build is an architectural and interior design practice based in Amman- Jordan and operating worldwide.

We have delivered a number of high-end interiors for hospitality, office, retail and residential spaces from design concept to handover.

We are a multi-cultural team of passionate individuals dedicated to delivering a unique project. This is always achieved through a tailored approach reflecting client’s needs and aspirations.


We work hand in hand with a network of trusted professionals and craftsmen from all origins in order to accommodate the most various and complex projects. Our interiors are focused on flexibility and functionality without compromising on style and design.

Our design approach is to create contemporary designs with asserted architectural features and subtle touches of sophistication and refinement: a vision of elegance expressed with sensibility and care in every detail. We value know-how and traditional craftmanship to achieve the perfect balance between timeless environments and innovative concepts.

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Our team is rethinking the future of cities as enormous challenges propel us into a crucial — but optimistic — period of transition. Our goal, to Create a Better World Through the Power of Design, is realized through our practice areas, client connections, worldwide network of leaders, and talent diversity.


Eighty-four Design & Build strives to provide a distinct design style that uses design and materials in unexpected and creative ways. The firm’s emphasis on collaboration pervades all element of our work, from client interactions to design.

Our mission is to deliver architectural and design services in the context of excellent and satisfying interpersonal client relationships.

We seek for the creation of one-of-a-kind and original design solutions that address each client’s aesthetic and financial requirements. We are also dedicated to a professional ethic that promotes honesty, integrity, responsibility, and respect for our clients, colleagues, community, and environment.



Architecture is about believing in your work and always pushing for what is vital, useful, and central to a project. The best quality Architecture and Interior Design is the product of a creative Integrated Design Process in which the client, users, and designers all collaborate. We design spaces that are as smart and sustainable as they are aesthetically appealing. These structures are also memorable, whether viewed from afar or up close. When all of this comes together in a design, there is a strong sense that everything is in order.

  • Aiming for “WOW”

The term “wow” refers to a strong, visceral reaction to visual imagery. Aim for WOW, and the rest will fall into place

  • Simplicity

Getting the most fundamental, simplest version of an object by reducing it to its essential, core function.

  • Good design

Good design is always reinventing itself. To remain engaged with society’s needs, the greatest designers repeat their designs quickly.

We are proud of our customers

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